Want to transform your business? Say goodbye to your old phone system.

Let’s face it, voice communication is the most effective means of conducting business in the world today.  Sure, email and chat are short and sweet, but can long-lasting business relationships be developed as quickly through text messages?  When you unleash the power of voice communications, it can lead to:

  • Improved productivity
  • More effective team collaboration
  • Greater customer loyalty
  • Increased profitability

Today’s modern business phone system is designed with you in mind: flexible, mobile, and collaborative.

At Stream Networks, our job is to guide you to a solution that fits your business – the WAY you do business.  We won’t just look at your phone system; we’ll explore your business and examine workflows, processes and areas that are most challenging today.  Whether you want to stop managing your phone system entirely and are looking for a cloud solution, or you want to maintain control and management and are looking for the best on-premises phone system, we can help.

Put the feet of your remote workers on the ground and your phone system in the cloud.

Traditional phone systems may impact the effectiveness of today’s remote worker.  With expanded mobile capabilities, cloud-based phone systems make it easy to make or take calls, access voicemail and setup virtual conferences from a basic Internet connection. When these workers are on the road, their calls can be forwarded and certain features can be accessed right from their cell phone.

If connectivity, business continuity, system redundancy and reliability are important to you, explore the many advantages of a cloud-based solution.

  • Lower capital cost; infrastructure is owned by provider
  • Future-proof, scalable design
  • Connect from anywhere with on-premise functionality

Make Stream a part of your team!

For over 25 years Stream Networks has served a variety of clients from financial services to professional firms to education and beyond.  Our expertise helps our clients maximize their business potential, so they can concentrate on core business objectives.

Flexibility in today’s business is key to continued growth.  That’s why we choose ShoreTel solutions for our customers.  ShoreTel offers the tools that extend beyond point solutions to point problems, and we take those tools and create a customized solution just for you.  Contact us today for a complimentary consultation, and unleash the power of your business.